A Man Who Catches the River Like a Fish

photo found online…

With a photograph attached, translated…

The river in the winters flowed slowly, the messages sent out from his fingertips kept circling around the mouth of the river, three days, five, just floating, drifting along, he’d yet to set out to sea.

He’d become, a fishing rod now, stood tall by the wharf. He’d found the electric current that flowed, out of the upside down reflection of the electric towers by the delta, flowing from this side of the shores, to that, the fishes that came, had never, gone out to sea, is now, lying, on the muddied beach. He’d decided, to fish the ENTIRE river BACK into his hometown, to keep it, to take care of it, to raise it.

Waited for the return messages to arrive to him, he’d, returned, BACK to the shores, walked, back into the upside down reflection of the electric tower. At this time, nobody ever discovered, that he was the river, about, to empty himself out into the oceans.

Very metaphoric, isn’t it, and you can see the interactions in nature, and the relationships we have with the world around us, can’t you???



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