Thinking with Fire, a Poem

Metamorphosis of the thought process had, occurred in this one, translated…

The Setting Sun Had Consoled Me to Go to Bed Early

Wait Until Tomorrow Morn

You Shall See the Sun, Boiling Up the Oceans

On This Very Day, I Started, Thinking with Fire

I’d Needed it

Burning, is NOT the Rights that Belonged to the Fats and Calories

rising up from the ashes…not my picture…

Seeing How an Ordinary Bird Became a Phoenix

Such, a Perfect Ending

The Term Phoenix, Can Mean a Number of Things

Loving the Fires

More than Those Butterflies in the Distances

For this, Zhuangzi Chose the Silence

Fall Asleep Now

fire burning up the mind…not my picture

Allow the Dreams to Lift Up the Body Filled with So Many Desires

This, is what Being an Honest Man is All About

I Kept Hearing

That Due to Lack of Rain

The Grains Kept Irrigating Its Own Voice with Its Tears

This Matter, We’d Better Think, Using the Perspectives of the Fire

So here, fire may be a solution, to the problems, because everything gets burned to ashes, and, things can start anew again, and, you can find the desires to bring about changes in one’s own life in the lines of this poem too.


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