Knowing Me…

Knowing me, I’ll NEVER be able to turn you away, with those droopy eyes, pouty lips, and, adding in, a sniffle here, and there, I’m totally, taken by you again!

Knowing me, I need to BAR my mind from the emotions that draws me toward you, because, it’d become, totally destructive (which my mind had become, WELL aware of, but my heart just hadn’t, realized it yet!). Knowing me, that, had been all I was, trying to do, and, the truth, it’d, hurt like hell, especially as I’d found out, how BADLY I was, betrayed by my next-of-kin, how, instead of loving me right, like they were supposed to, they’d, ABUSED and NEGLECTED me, for YEARS and YEARS, and YEARS on end!

not my sketch…

Knowing me, has, led me to, understand EVERYTHING about Y-O-U, and, I still gotta said: you don’t look HALF-BAD to me still, like I’d told you way back when (and, the “fine print” of that was: you don’t look HALF-GOOD either!!!). Knowing me, yup, I know myself, INSIDE AND OUT, gotten to know what had, happened, to the younger self that I once was, and I’d still, LOST MY Emily, along the way, to growing up…

Knowing me, I am, more than one-hundred-TWENTY percent POSITIVE, that I don’t WANT you (and EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!), besides, why the FUCK (and your point would be???) would I want another DICK-PRONE loser as IMPOTENT as Y-O-U in my life??? Oh, I wouldn’t!!!!

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