A Female College Student with ALS Was Inspired the Inmates, She’d Written a Book, Stroke, by Stroke, Sentence by Sentence

The tale of how this young woman stood tall, in the face of her trials, and, she’s, making a difference in the lives of others, translated…

The student, Yi-Jie Lee from the Visual Broadcasting Majors of Fujen Catholic University Was Inspired by the Letters of an Inmate, It’d Driven Her to Write about Her Own Life, Keying the Characters One by One.

A university student from Fujen Catholic University diagnosed with ALS majoring in Communication Arts, Lee, was a two-time recipient of the Presidential Awards, she’d worked hard, to overcome her physical incapability, she’d stayed focused in her classes, not only was she able to move her fellow classmates, reducing their use of cell phone in the lectures, an inmate spoke of how he was inspired by her life too, and, that was what drove Lee, to use her time away from class, and keyed a total of 100,000 characters, and she is set to public her book at the end of this March.

漸凍患者李怡潔(左)就讀輔大影傳系,文筆佳又會寫作填詞,曾2度獲總統獎,鼓勵其他...the woman, hanging loose with her friends from school, photo from UDN.com…

Lee is studying in the Department of Communication Arts of Fujen University, with specialties in script writing and visual arts, she’s an excellent writer, back in 2006, she’d won the presidential education award’s theme song category, in the lyrics that won her the prizes, she’d written, “Darkness occurs, when your eyes are shut, but the candlelight had never, stopped, burning on bright”.

Lee suffers from sciatic pains, she’d needed to lie down to rest between her classes, but the associate professor, Cheng commended her on never missing a single class, she’d turned in her assignments earlier than the rest, and, she’d selected French as her second language to study. She was more than focused in class, and as her fellow classmates saw how tentative she was in class, they’d, reduced the use of their cell phones when they’re in class with her too.

the woman, receiving an award for being hardworking and outstanding, photo from a news network here…

Lee’s father works as a fish raiser in Chiayi, her mother moved north to look after her, she’d pushed Lee on her wheelchair daily, sat on the first row of the lecture halls, helped her take notes for the courses, take pictures and recorded down the classroom sessions, her mother told, “Yi-Jie refused to get beaten down, nor is she willing, to get defeated by life”, making her more than willing, to accompany her daughter in class, as a most studious “auditing student”.

Lee said, that her doctors told her, that she wouldn’t live past age twenty, it’d impacted her completely, but at this time, she’d received a letter from someone who is in prison, it was an inmate who’d heard her story, he’d felt ashamed, and, vowed, to turn his own life around, she felt, that her life’s story can help others, decided to turn her life’s trial into a book, she’d used her spare time from class, keyed down the characters one by one, typed out about ten million characters total, she’d planned to finish her own biography by the end of this March.

So, this, is yet, ANOTHER amazing tale, of this young woman, who’s, UNDEFEATED by her own life’s circumstance, and, she’d, worked hard, not believing that she deserved to have it easier, because of her condition, instead, she’d worked, EVEN harder in class, and now, she’s getting published, because she was inspired by the letter from an inmate, telling her how she’d, changed his life.


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