No Smoking Restaurant, a Short Prose

Reminded, of the past, translated…

She seemed to smell the scent of smoke, but this, was a NO-SMOKING restaurant, the scent of smoke should even BE here; not long afterwards, she’d found that the man smoking was, standing OUTSIDE the restaurant, and that, was how the smell of cigarette smoke got in. She’d wanted to ask the man, to smoke elsewhere, but, she was reminded of how her ex said she was a nosy woman.

from online…

She felt this tingling pain inside, and so, she’d, sat herself back down. She’d been divorced for so many years now, he shouldn’t even TAKE up any space inside of her mind at all.

So, these, are the moments, that you were, reminded, of someone you’d, lost, and, it’s these, smallest things that usually stay with you, because those are the unimportant things, that weighed heavily, after the marriage is over.


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