Am I, a Romantic?

Reflections on the self here, translated…

For over twenty years since I’d been married, every time Valentine’s Day rolled around, whether it be the ads on T.V., from the newspapers, magazines, tried hard, to show that men need to show more considerations to women, to escape their miseries, but, NONE of this related to me, and, so, my husband passed through twenty odd Valentine’s Days without any troubles.

I see myself as practical, all I think about are my husband and my children, like how to keep their stomachs full, how to help them solve the difficulties they encounter in school or at work, and spend the wages my husband to the best of their usages, so we can get a house for us………this, is me, always weighing my own abilities, knowing what it is that I want, rarely any words of complaints.

even as you get older, you’d still want to have that feeling of surprise, don’t you???  Not my photo…

But, don’t know why, this year on Valentine’s Day, I’d ranted aloud to my husband. On that day, for someone who usually felt blessed, if days are ordinary and happy, I’d, complained, can’t tell if it’s my menopause acting up.

That day, after my husband blurted aloud, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, he’d left for work, but, I’d not, felt ANY of the love. For the whole day, I’d gotten rung up on my cell phone, with the blessings of Valentine’s Day, and, these blessings became, what added, to my displeasures that day.

It’d felt weird, when my husband would wish me a “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Because is how happy a person is completely related to the show of love your partner had for you? And, because my husband told me, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, am I supposed to, feel happy? I’d never felt so at conflict before in my life.

With my gloominess, I’d wiped up the floors, fixed a couple of dishes which are my husband’s favorites, waited for him to get off work. During which time, I’d received his text, “I’d completed the tasks you’d asked me to do, bought a jar of peanut butter.”, I’d replied back jokingly, “Did you buy some chocolates for me?”, he’d replied, “I can’t find the brand you liked.”

now, you’re, ALL SET for Valentine’s Day here!  Not my photograph…

Naturally, at the end, he’d only, brought back that jar of peanut butter. And, I’d, held down my angers and sat down to supper with him, and, he may have felt that something was off with me, he’d kept getting me more food. After supper, I’d told him abruptly, “It’d been a bore, being married to you.”, and seeing how shocked he was by my accusations, I’d recounted, “although living ordinarily, being safe is a blessing in itself, but, can’t you give me some sort of a surprise out of the 365 days a year?”, as I’d just finished speaking, he’d started laughing aloud, “So, you are, a romantic after all!”

The very next day after work, he’d bought me a box of chocolates, told me, “Valentine’s Day for me is February 15th!”, staring at that super expensive box of chocolates, I’d felt, I must, be bored out of my bones, why must I have my husband waste the money? Turns out, my symptoms of menopause, is quite serious.

It’s White Valentine’s Day today, hope you’ll get a laugh out of this!

So, although this woman is NOT big of receiving gifts for Valentine’s, she’d still hoped that her husband can show her some affection, but, her husband believed her to be very practical, and, he’d, forgot, but, he did, make it up, a month later………


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