The Alarm Clock, a Short Prose

A woman who’s driven by her own perfectionist traits, and, it’s also, her own perfectionist tendencies that’s, kept the prospective lovers away, translated…

Every now and then, she’d dreamed that she’d overslept, missed her train too. And today, this dream occurred again but, as she was worrying about being late, a rider appeared before her eyes, he’d told her, “Hop on!”, and, she woke to find, that it was, still thirty-minutes until her alarm was supposed to sound off, she’d taken a breath of relief, returned back to bed. Then, a feeling came to her, maybe, if she’s late for work today, she might, bump into love. But, she’s still felt, compelled to clock in on time, she wouldn’t allow herself to be imperfect on her attendance records from work. She’d kept believing, that in order to meet the perfect man, she’d needed to, be the perfect woman first. Or maybe, it’s because of how perfect she appeared, making ALL the men around her feel, that she didn’t need him, that, is why, she’d not been, in a relationship for so long. And, even if it’s so………she’d, thought about, what she should change in herself for the future, until, her alarm clock sounds again.

not my animation…

So, her worries of the day, plagued into her hours of sleep, and, it’s because of how perfectionist her personality is, that’s, kept ALL the men away, and, she’d, longed for a love, and, she knew, that in order for her to find a love, she’d needed to, NOT push herself to be so perfect all the time, it’s just, that she still, can’t SHAKE loose her own perfectionist tendencies yet.

with a hand on the SNOOZE button there!  Not my photograph…


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