A Female Factory Worker & a Writer, the Features of a Woman

The two sides of a person, due to the demands of her reality, translated…

There are, so many ambiguities in my life, to the point of outrageous. With my dreams, but, because the hands of fate, I’d, come from a small town, moved into the city, from a simplistic school campus, entered, into this, complex society. But my life, isn’t as flashy as the city living entailed, instead, I’d, had a bumpy ride, in this, concrete jungle, bruised and bumped, to the point I almost wanted to, just, abandon everything and run off. But, there’s that voice inside, that keeps on telling me, I shouldn’t, give up this easy, that I’d needed to, pull myself together, to keep carrying on. And like this, in this messy world, I’d started, writing my dual life story.

In reality, my friends consisted of the bottom level blue collar workers; in the online world however, I’d befriended doctors, writers, members of the government………that, was the conflict of my reality and my ideals, but, it’s the only balancing point I could find.

女工&寫字者 圖/想樂from the papers…

During the daytime, for the sake of a paycheck, I’d worked in quality control of a clothing store, worked hard, to keep my stomach full, and I’d needed to, bow down to others, that, is the necessities of my survival, even IF it’s something I’m not happy doing. My coworkers didn’t have a high degree, OR set those grander goals for themselves, but, they’re all very optimistic and hardworking. This group of people also taught me to be settled, along with help me define the simplest forms of happiness.

On the evenings after work, I’d picked up my dreams of my youth, a writer, I read and write the drafts and submitted them, in the world of words, I’d, owned everything. I’d keyed out my dreams on the keyboard, finding out what it is, that I really wanted in life, with my articles being accepted and getting printed out, I’d felt very happy, achieved too, it’d allowed me to see a dim light in the grayed out life I’m stuck in, so I was able to, have hope and warmth in my embrace.

During the daytime, I’m sometimes happy, sometimes, upset. And so, I’d turned ALL of these, into words, to help me get rid of the pressures from my every day living. With writing and thinking, I’d slowly come to understand, that no matter what I did, so long as I put everything in it, there’s nothing I need to be ashamed of, that no matter what I do, I’d still, deserved the respects.

I’m a female factory worker, also, a writer, these contradicting role, my dual life. In the daytime, I’d gained the materialistic payoff, in the evenings, I’d become, fulfilled spiritually. In this duality, I’m working hard, to play ALL my parts.

So, despite how hard life gets, you still have hope, and that, is what’s important, and, despite how hard your workday becomes, you will always be able to play another role after you’re off work, doing something you enjoy, making your own life count!


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