Forever Strangers

Forever strangers, that, is what, we’d, turned into, and, there’s NO EXIT sign on THIS particular “freeway” we’d, driven down…

Forever strangers, because of what you did to me, and, it’s UP to ME (not “us”, or you, for that matter!), to decide on which way life’ll be turning for me now.

Forever strangers, I’m okay with that, besides, I’d lived, amongst so many god DAMN related-by-blood strangers my whole life, it’d become, a “norm” for me, I suppose…

Forever strangers, you will, NEVER be close to me again (in any and ALL senses!!!), and, I will, keep on, refusing, to be with STUPID, because, for an INTELLIGENT woman like me, I KNOW what I want, and, it’s not a familiar stranger like you at all!

Forever strangers, this, is where we will, forever live, in relation to each other now, I’d, let you go, let go, of ALL those god DAMN feelings I had for you already, and, it’d taken me, long enough that’s for sure………



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