Gotten Used to, a Poem

From a blog in Chinese I’m subscribed to, translated, by me…

Already gotten used to it

Used to, living in a place, I will NEVER be able to, RISE above from

Filled with, the Never-Ending Loneliness and, the Courage to Become Stronger

Gotten Used to it

yeah, it’s like that, except, taht you’re, ALL alone on your own there…NOT my phootgraph…

Used to Attempting to Cross the Extensive Distances, in This, Endlessness of Space, with My Incomprehensible Speech

Gotten Used to How the Heavens and the Earth Had

Guarded Us Forever

Being Used to, Being the Only Life that Mattered

Gotten Used to This Air, the Sunlight Too, in Thinking of You

And More than Used to, those Distant Flickering Lights

Blinking on and Off, Waiting, for Someone’s Return

So, this, is out of that sense of helplessness, I suppose, you’re, too tired of waiting, but, some part of you refused to give up, and that, is why you’re, trapped…

like these statues???  Not my photograph…






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