Sisters Who Worked as Modern-Day Midwives, the Features of Women

Jobs, that give you the satisfactions, translated…

A short while ago, the two daughters who are both midwives shared their experiences on homebirths in Taichung and Pingdong separately, they’d taken in the award-winning documentary about their work from the 2016 Hsinbei City Documentary award, “Congratulate to Me for Being Pregnant”, to share with us.

This was a film spanning across four years, every time the subject of childbirth comes up, people would think of “hospitals” and “pains”, some of the women would even get so scared that they dared not have children at all; in order to break the myths, the directors, Yu-Ting Su and Yu-Ching Chen, who were both mothers followed several pregnant women around, filmed their experiences of giving birth, and, made it into a complete film.

In the short thirty-minute worth of film, the pregnant women who’d chosen homebirths, not only were they accompanied by their husbands and other children through the process of giving birth, with the help of the midwives, the mothers-to-be were all very relaxed, which was a strong contrast to the tensions, the anxieties present at the hospital births.


My two daughters in this documentary played both the roles of midwives AND mothers-to-be. Watching this film, it’d, impacted me a lot. Seeing the process of my daughters giving birth, I can’t help, but recall to when I gave birth for the first time some thirty odd years ago at the hospital; the only way to describe what happened was, chaos. Back then, I lay there, on that icy cold hospital bed, hurt like crazy, I’d felt, more isolated and alone than I ever felt, compared to how the mothers-to-be in the film, accompanied by the gentle massages of the midwives, guidance, in a familiar environment, their home, to give birth, and being able to hold their own newborns in their arms as the infants came, it’s, a total, contradiction.

Back then, my youngest daughter held on to her own beliefs, chosen the nursing major with her high grades, wanted to be in the realms of nursing at the hospitals, to help on the frontlines; in her sophomore year, she’d started interning with an experienced midwife to learn the skills. During her time in grad school, her older sister was having her first child, and, in the help of her instructor, she’d, helped delivered the very FIRST baby of her career as a midwife—her own nephew. My eldest who’s also a nurse, after experiencing the feelings of homebirth, she’d worked hard, to study, so she could into the graduate study of working as a midwife, after several years’ worth of professional training, she’d become a member of the occupation alongside her younger sister.

a professional midwife checking on her patient, photo from online…

These sisters helped each other delivered their babies, close to age sixty, I’m about to, welcome my fourth grandchild this year, I’m truly proud, to be the mother, of these two, modern day midwives!

So, this, is totally different from giving birth in the hospitals, because, you’re at home, in a familiar place, that, is why you’d probably be, very relaxed, compared to the hospitals’ delivery rooms, and, who wouldn’t want to give birth to babies in a calm and collected environment, right???


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