Ninety-Nine Roses

Married to a pragmatic man, there are, PERKS here, translated…

Before I married, my husband, who was still my boyfriend then, his classmate and girlfriend made a date to go to Hualien to travel, and that evening, because of how tiring the trip there was, I’d, hit the sack early.

The very next morning, my boyfriend woke me up gently, said he wanted to take me to a place. Turns out, that the previous night, they’d played a game of cards, and he won a small sum of money, and, the next day being Chinese Valentine’s Day, he’d wanted to find a necklace for me, but feared that I won’t like what he’d picked out, he’d taken me to choose. We both looked for a delicate necklace with a rose pendant, and afterwards, we’d, gotten back in quietly again.

a romantic gesture, I suppose, NOT my photo…

At around noon, my boyfriend’s classmate and his girlfriend were both awake. His classmate gave his girlfriend a bouquet of ninety-nine roses, and made fun of how stingy my boyfriend was, how he’d not given me a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Surely, those ninety-nine roses in bloom, they looked, beautiful, but, I didn’t feel especially envious one bit. Those fresh roses will eventually wither away, but the necklace was for keeps, I knew, that that, was where his heart was coming from.

I’d kept that necklace ever since, my husband and I who are both very practical had saved all we’d made, and now, we have a house, and car too, our marriage may seem very bland, but, I know, that there’s that persistence of love we feel for one another in it.

a bouquet of 99 roses, photo from online…

So, this still just shows, that unless you ARE the ones involved in something, then, you shouldn’t BE judging, and, because this now married couple were both pragmatists, that, is how they’re able to, keep things going for this long, and, it doesn’t matter if someone gives you 999 roses with that cute Teddy bear thing stuck to the top of the bouquets to show you how much he loves you, it don’t mean SHIT after all, flowers wither away and DIE, so, what does that show you about the love, huh???


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