Philosophy of Eating at Noon

The lunch hours are here!!! Translated…

For the years past, I’d had my lunches at the station of the hospital ward where I worked, being a fast-eater was a habit I’d picked up back then. Normally, I would have my lunches, in front of the computer screens, and, skimming through the websites, webpages, after I’m done with my lunch, then, it’s time, to get back up, to take care of everything in the afternoon hours.

lunch hour at the office 的圖片結果just RUSH, RUSH, and R-U-S-H through it!!!  Not my photo…

I’d always felt, that how a person treats her/himself reflected how s/he lives her/his life, or how s/he handles the various situations that comes towards her/him—eating the healthier food items, it was, for the sakes of our health, and, eating so we don’t work on an empty stomach, that, was for the sake of livelihood; eating leisurely, it’d showed how easy life is for the individual, and, eating fast, because we were forced to. I’m probably the latter, just like those members of the working class, gazing up at the clock, and always, to find, that this small moment of joy called lunch time is almost up.

And so, as I’d looked forward to those weekends when I wasn’t on duty, I’d waken up close to noon, and, ate my first meal as lunch, or even, afternoon tea. And only on this day, I’d chewed my foods so thoroughly, and, put all my focuses on “eating”, that, was a luxury of time, the philosophy of slow-eating—or, maybe, I’m just, comforting myself, like a person who’d played tricks: look, I am, nice to you, every once in a while, aren’t I???

or, you can, treat yourselves kinder like this…but, there’s that chance, of being “blacklisted” by your superiors…NOT my comic!!!

So, we all, rush through lunch, because life has us pressed hard, we’re at the office, and, seeing how much work we still have, piled UP on our desks, we felt compelled, to finish what we’re all working on, so, we often, don’t pay that much attention to lunch, or sometimes, we may, even, SKIP lunch, then, go out for some afternoon tea time as our workloads become lighter, because that, is how the workplace puts strains on our schedules, and what can we do? Nothing, because, we need to work, to make the money, so, we can afford the necessities of roof over our heads, etc., etc., etc.


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