Agape, a Poem

Searching hard, all over, for this kind of a love, translated…

Like a Bulletin Post

And Like the Notices, Plastered Across the Pages of Facebook

Continually, Disclosing to the World

Don’t Know if there are Formats to Follow

not my drawing…

And Couldn’t Really, Weigh in the Differences

And What’s Even More Trying is

That Good Things Were, Handed Down by that God

Using Measure of Artificially, Raising the Fishes from the Tropical Regions

Agape, Agape!

Where art Thou Hiding?

looking for love 的圖片結果are you, the love I’d been, looking for???

So there’s, this longing for finding that grander sort of love, and, the narrator must’ve looked ALL over the places, and still not quite found it yet, because love, IS hard to find, and there are, just, too many loves that aren’t really real, but poses themselves as “real” in the world right now!


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