To Open Up, Once More, Memories of a Plant

A lesson someone learned from a weed in the garden, translated…

When I was growing up, my favorite plant was the Mimosa pudica, every time I saw it, I’d get excited and touch it, and watching those leaves, quickly became folded. I’d felt it was, magical, so fun, like a shy young girl, hiding herself, out of the bashfulness she feels.

And now I’m older, I still can’t wait, to touch the leaves again, but now, I’d enjoyed, waiting by its side, for her, to work up her courage, to open up her arms once more, to allow me to embrace her again.

and here, is how the plant works…

I’d found, that the Mimosa pudica wasn’t just like an adolescent girl, but like EVERYBODY else around who’s working hard to make their living—the pressures, along with our separate predicaments in life, made us curl up, but, do we, stay, curled up, forever?

And, as I waited and waited, the Mimosa pudica finally, smiled shyly, once more.

So, this, is how the plant resembled life, you may get beaten down, and you will fall, but, after you’d fallen, you still, get back up, just like how touching the Mimosa pudica will make it all curled up, and, after a short while, the leaves are, rolled back open again.

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