Now, a Short Prose

Getting on with his new life, and what about you? Still hung up on him? Why? Translated…

He didn’t use to like getting his pictures taken, but now, his Facebook pages are filled with the photos of him with his new girlfriend.

“The reason why he’d not like getting his shots, was it because he didn’t like being in the shots with me? Or, he’d, NEVER ever loved me at all?”, she’d started asking, at the same time, she felt that she’d gotten, the shorter end of the stick. She’d not done anything else, just closed the window.

From before, she’d never tracked anybody with a false account name, but now, she had.

So, this, is, still being hung UP on someone, and, seeing him with his new love, it surely, hurt, doesn’t it? But, you can’t help, but TORTURE yourselves over how he’d become, this totally different person with his new love compared to when he was with you, and, you’re, trapped, even deeper, in this old flame of yours, and, you will, get, SCORCHED that’s for certain!

the waves rushed in, and took it all away!  Not my photograph…


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