Rain & Tears

They both fall!

One from the skies, one, from our eyes…

What, causes the rain, and what cause the tears, are very different, but, regardless, they’re all, signs of feeling. The rain from the skies, is heaven’s way of telling us that it feels sad, or, that there are, just, too many, dark clouds accumulating in the skies, and, those clouds, need to, cry for a bit.

yup, like that!  Not my animation…tears that fall from the skies animation 的圖片結果

The rains, they’d, dried up, quicker, than people’s tears, because, after the rains, the sun will eventually tilt its head, and start, smiling down on the earth, but, tears won’t run dry, until you’d done, your share of crying real hard!

Rain and tears, although, they shared many things in common, but, they’re still, very different, and, both are, ways of unloading the burdens carried, or so, that, is what I am incline to believe………

not my photo here…

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