Twenty-Two Children Who’d Started Late, Not Too Late to Chase Their Dreams Still

Giving the children who hadn’t had the head starts but willing to work hard a chance to shine, something inspiring, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

From the energies of this group of children, I’d felt the strengths in life. The Social Welfare Program set up by the SOGO Social Welfare Foundation is now in its sixth year, the children from poverty-stricken homes, children diagnosed with rare conditions shared their stories, to help add that positive energy to the society, and this year, the topic was “Dreams”, and we’re able to see how this group of children were able to, stand tall in the face of their bad situations, still kept positive, to shine through in life.

There were, a total of twenty-two amazing children from across the nation this year, although they may not have had great beginnings in their lives, but, they were all able to, turn the awful things in life into positive energies they are building on. Yen-Ting Chen, who’d received a special award from the judge’s panel was from Yu-Jen Elementary School in Taichung, he was diagnosed with Williams’s Syndrome, being developmentally delayed, he couldn’t express himself freely like the children his age, until age four, he was finally able to, use music, to make the very first sound in his own life. Heavens had closed a window for him, but opened his life up to a brand new possibility, Chen loved playing the piano, has a sharp sense of hearing, it’d surprised his own mother who is a music teacher, through his mother, demonstrating for him, he’d found the videos on Youtube to teaching himself to sing, to play music, and, in five to six years, he was able to use his two active fingers, and able to play over a hundred songs from top to bottom. His mother told, “We can sit for SIX hours at a time in the piano room, because we’d learned from our children, music made our lives better.”

太平洋SOGO百貨董事長黃晴雯與少年楷模合影。 圖/SOGO提供photo from…

Hong-Mei Su, a sixth grader from Mingdao Elementary School, was only about 4’3, but had great ambition. Being from a low-income home, she was able to withstand great amounts of trials in her life, but, she’d lacked self-confidence from the start, but, with the encouragements from her teacher, she’d become a team member of the diabolo team, although she’d started playing the sports late, but she’d challenged herself in a positive way, and found her own stage to shine on. Su said, “My dreams are going to compete abroad, win the moneys, so I can help mom with the household economics.”

So, these, are children who stood tall, at the faces of their separate trials in life, and, their spirits are something we can all learn from, they’re just, amazing, aren’t they???


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