Everyday is Inflating, a Poem


Everyday is Inflating

Like it’s, Waiting for Someone to Come and Harvest It

With the Dress Shirts Unbuttoned, the Belt Undone

Feeling Sorry, for Those

Barely Fitted Right Undershorts

Life is Standing Above a Cliff

what it’s like…NOT my photograph…

Slowly Becoming Bald, Engorged,

Hanging Down, Incontinent……

Always Worrying There’s a Hole Somewhere

The Days Blew Along in the Wind

Feeling a Sort of Lewdness

Not Necessarily Drunk if You’re Intoxicated

Not Necessary Jumping Up & Down if You’d Bounced

The Pebbles Stuck Under Your Feet

each and every step we take every single day…NOT my photograph…

You’d Put Up with it a Thousand Times

Before You’d Cried Out in Pain

What Suppressed Me

Weren’t Those Unseen Rocks

The Breasts of the Skies

Seemed to be Covered Up Quite Well with the Clouds

I Thought there Was, More that’s to Come

But, Everything Had, Already, Ended

So, this, is so anti-climactic, isn’t it? You were built up so high, leading you into believing, that there’s, going to be, a GRAND finale, then, all of a sudden, things turned dark, and it’s, over, such a disappointment…


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