My Firend, the Tree

Finding comfort in nature, translated…

As I’d abruptly, ended my last love, I’d felt the urge, to hug onto a tree. Back then, I was, soaked up in my own sorrows, and thought, rather than allowing my tears to wash out my tracks, why not turn them into sweats, to walk out of this labyrinth in my own heart, and that, was when I saw an elm tree. Feeling lonely, I’d started, greeting my neighbor, the tree, and in the days to come, he’d returned my hug, with his silence and gentleness.

the tree that offered you shelter…NOt my photo…

At first, I’d felt, shy, and would avoid the crowds, to open my arms wide to him when there’s almost nobody around. But slowly, I’d, elongated the time I’d spent with the elm tree, sat next to it on the stone chairs to read, like I was, waiting for a bus that won’t even come, just so I can spend longer time by its side.

Is this the domestication that the Fox told Le Petit Prince? I’d been, domesticated, by a tree? Its matter-of-fact existence to me from before, in its own wills, became a good friend of mine. Toward this, my friend, the tree had, made NO complaints, just stood there in silence, continued, being a tree, continued, absorbing the water and the light, the ignorance and understanding of human beings.

So, you’d found something to transfer your lost feelings of love onto, and it’s, a tree, and sometimes, you needed something that can’t talk back to you (a human???), to just, stay by your side, to offer you the silent support that you are in need of, sometimes, it’s a pet, and in this case, it’s, a tree!


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