An Assortment of Entrees for Lunch

Memories of our youthful days, translated…

During middle school, my lunch would always get taken by my classmates, and so, I’d started behaving like an animal instinctively, I’d hidden my entrée into my pockets, and find myself a safe hiding place, and then, eat it.

The BEST spot was the stairways that leads up to the roof. With the doors locked, the sun seeped through the crease of the door, illuminated onto the dusts, I’d sat alone on the steps, and chewed down on the no-longer-crisp fried chicken pieces, although I was, all alone, but, it was, the best time I’d, gotten to share, with my own chicken legs.

because we want some privacy, now, go AWAY!!!  Not my photo…

One day at lunch, my classmates were, checking out my lunch, “Hey, how come you stopped bringing the entrées these past couple of days, you on a diet or something?”, I’d smiled and told, “Yup, I’m, on a diet!”, and, my classmate left, disappointed, and sought out someone else’s lunch. As the lunch hour was about to be up, I’d washed up my eating utensils, and, carried that quarter leg toward the staircases without anybody else’s notices.

Although the light still, seeped through the doors, and the dusts became like those planktons floating in the oceans, I’d still, stealthily, made my way, up the stairs, ahhhh, there were, TWO people, hiding behind the doors, with their lips locked, hearts beating as one. And, at that very moment, I’d, realized, that I’d fallen, far behind, on my puberty developments, turns out, there is, ANOTHER better-tasting entrée than the quarter legs that one needs to hide away to savor.

this, is precisely W-H-Y the individual felt compelled to hide her/his lunch, not my photograph…

So, this would be, your very FIRST encounter of what love is, and because you’d worried too much about your lunch food being stolen, that, was what you’d, kept an eye out for, until, you’d bumped into those two people who were, making out at that secretive location that you’d hidden yourself in, to eat your lunch, some discovery there!






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