Difficulties Seeing, without the Reading Glasses

It’s all, the normal process of aging here, translated…

Awhile ago, I had a gathering with my best friends, the group of us, young cougars of around forty became, chatterboxes, it’s, as if, we’d, turned back the hands of time, to way back when, when we were still, upbeat, college students.

As the waiter came with the menus, we all started, flipping through the pages, it wasn’t that the dishes weren’t any good, but the “gift” of presbyopia, brought on by the years.  Starting last year, I’d had difficulties, reading the smaller prints and couldn’t follow the lines I was reading through, although I’d known, it was, presbyopia, that it was, “normal”, I couldn’t help, but feel that loss.  Ling, who was an elementary school teacher said, that as she called roll now, she’d often misread her students’ names, and the students who didn’t know better thought that she was bad at Chinese.  This was nothing that Ling, who’d held herself in high regards could put up with.  From before, she’d thought it’d made her looked old, but, she’s planning on getting a pair of reading glasses during the upcoming holiday break.

not my photo…

Li, who helps with her husband’s home-owned business, claimed that she shall follow Ling’s lead, turns out, she’d written one less 0 on the wire-transfer forms, and afterwards, she’d gone to the manufacturer’s with gift baskets to apologize, and she was, nagged, for days on end, by her husband and her mother-in-law.  “We must, admit, we’re, elderly now!”, that, was what she’d, figured.

Wen, who’s in the technology industries, felt, that presbyopia isn’t that scary, that keratoconjunctivitis sicca was, the “common cold” at her workplace.  “What’s the scariest is the macular lesion!”  Turns out, many of the workers in her industry were, nearly blind from it, which was why Wen overlooked the troubles brought on by presbyopia.  “I’m getting my presbyopia fixed by laser!”, Chien, who’d been trendy, and stayed on with the latest technological and medical advances stated.  While for all of us, laser was something used, to treat nearsightedness.  She’d already, “evolved” to getting it to treat her presbyopia; she’d believed, that condition will make her frown as she tried to see things, adding to the wrinkles, and so, despite how costly the procedure, she was still, willing, to give it a shot.

When we were in our twenties, we couldn’t imagine ourselves at thirty, and yet, in a blink of an eye, we’d found, ourselves, in the company, of presbyopia.  Recalling way back, my best friends and I would sing on, “The most romantic thing I can think of is, growing old with you slowly………”, back then, we’d, carried that romanticism to hearing the song, and now, this song emphasized how wonderful having long-time friends can be, being able to, enjoy growing old together, with a bunch of friends, I suppose, is a romanticism, that only those who’d reached midlife, can appreciate.

This, is the effects of the years on your bodies, and, although, there are now, an assortment of procedures, surgeries, what-nots you can get, to make yourselves feel and look younger, but, there’s, still, NO denying, that you are, as O-L-D as you are!

what it’d looked like, photo from online…








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