The Mikado Pheasant

Call this, a plea, if you will, translated…

I often wondered

How to make myself bump into you

When I’m at my most beautiful

I’d found, a secretive place

Groomed my violet-blue feathers on my body

As well as my black-and-white tail feathers too

圖/鄭鈴from the papers here…

Polished my grayish-green shoes to a shine

I’d selected a perfect time

With the fog filling up the air

Mixed in, with those unfallen drops of rain

Softened, all those, sharpened edges

The sun, seeped through

Peaceful, quiet, and gentle

Oh, how I wish, you can, see me now

This, is an endangered species, but, because people are, hunting it down for whatever reasons there may be, that, is why this Mikado pheasant is making the pleas…








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