The Sweetened Tears

On filial relations, translated…

My mother once told me she was given the nickname of “cry baby” by her neighbors since she was a child, and as she grew older, she still cried very easily, even though she knew it was all “acting”, when she saw something that made her feel sad in the programs, she just, couldn’t, help it.

I lived in the same district as my mother after I married.  Although we lived close, my mother was a traditionalist, believing she should live with her son and not her daughter who’s already married.  I’d used reasons of “wanting to savor your cooking”, to have her come over, and she did, but, she’d, never, stayed the night.

not my picture…

Awhile ago, I had a hysterectomy, afterwards, I was recovering at home, in order to take care of me, my mother finally, came to stay.  For the first evening, after she showered, I saw she’d been crying.  I asked her what was the matter?  Turns out, she was moved when she saw how I’d labeled the shampoos, shower gel and the conditioner for her.  Actually, I was worried, that she was used to bar soap, and couldn’t read the long labels (some of which were in English and Japanese), she has presbyopia, that, was why I’d, labeled everything for her.  But even so, she’d, deemed me as a wonderful daughter.

I’d wiped away her tears, my mother became emotional again, then, said something scientifically incorrect, but true.  She’d stated, “As someone wiped away the tears s/he cried alone, those tears are bitter; but, if someone else was there, wiping away the tears one cried, then, the tears are, sweetened.

not my photo here…

So, this just shows, how much these smaller gestures mattered to the elderly, as this woman was only being considerate over her mother, something she took to be, norm, but her mother interpreted her actions as some grand gesture of kindness, because, the elderly desperately needed to feel that they matter to the younger generations.










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