An Ordinary Romance

It’s, the smallest gestures that counts, the most, translated…

I’d dated my boyfriend for eight years now, from when we were first in love, and so inseparable, to needing to go celebrating every single occasion, to now, interacting like family, plain, and ordinary, and, farting and picking our noses in front of one another became, quite normal.

My boyfriend cherished the things he has, and would clean his bags, tuning up his motorcycle, his high-tech products regularly………compared to him, I’m, pretty lazy, I’d tossed things everywhere, not wanting to clean it all up, I’d appeared, very messy, compared to him.

not my photo…

This Valentine’s Day, after work, we were, both, beat, just bought a simple meal on the way home, I saw how he had carried a bag, although, I’d, had questions on it, I’d not, asked him too m1’h about it; after we ate, he’d taken the items out of that bag: cloth, brush, shoe shine, said to me, “Let me, polish your shoes!”, I’d subconsciously turned him down, he’d continued, “Didn’t you complain about how dirty your shoes were getting?”

He’d, skillfully, polished the dust off of my shoes first, then, dipped that old toothbrush into the shoe shine, then, brushed it onto the surfaces of my shoes, carefully, picked up the shoes, and cleaned it, after repeating the process several times, my originally dirtied shoes became, cleaned, like a brand new pair.

like that…NOT my photo…

“Here!”, he’d, returned back the polished and cleaned shoes back to me, I was, excited, like, I’d just, received a brand new pair as a present, my boyfriend’s heartwarming actions not only moved me, it’d also, added, an accidental sort of romance to our daily routines.

So, this still just shows, how it doesn’t take that much money, or anything big, to make someone you cared about and loved feel good, like this man had for this woman, he was, attentive, observant, and, provided for her, what she’d needed, because he knew, that at the end of the day, it’s this ordinary moments, that would carry them longer in love.




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