River, Frozen

Things we encountered on our travel away from home, translated…

Global warming had, caused the glaciers to recede continually.

In the Rockies of Canada, we’d rode on those snowmobiles taller than our heights, followed the passage of the glacier flows, moved through the accumulation of the frozen land, flipped over, hill after hill, after hill, and finally, arrived, at Athabathca Glacier.

photo from the papers, off of UDN.com…

地球暖化,冰河不斷後退。 文˙圖片提供

But, there was, a crack, on the surface, of the whitened glacier, I’d, squatted down, and, stared at the water running within the ice chunks, imagined, how it was still, hardened ice, over millions of years ago, getting, cramped in, to the depth of the white, what sort, of a remain, did it, leave behind?  I’d, become, so intrigued that everything else from all around, vanished.

My eldest daughter came over, asked me, with that curiousness, “What are you looking at?”

I’d, pointed to that flowing water, and told her of how there were, rock formations, accumulated underneath, there was this light blue color that illuminated from the water, and, shined on.

“Wow, it’s, true!  Doesn’t this place have the glaciers of glaciers!”

I’d asked her, “What, would that be?”

“It’s, just, a river!”

Thinking on it, she is, right.  There’s, NO more chunks of ice in the glaciers, it’d, turned, into, this, vast river then.

And, if the rivers all, overflowed the land, what, would the planet be like, without any landmasses?

So, this, is an awareness, of how the effects of global warming is, continuing, and, it’s a beautiful thing that this mother and daughter pair had, bore witness to, but, it does, raises some concerns, if the ice melted, then, the world would surely, be, totally, submerged, underwater!


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