The Forever-Young Riders

Riding out, with our faces in the wind, on our motorcycles, taking these, road trips, alongside one another, having, companions on the roads, to make memories with, on the elderly years, translated…

The group of us, forever-young riders, were most boomers, born after World War II, residing in Tainan.  In Autumn of five years ago, we’d started our first motorist trip, and after that, we’d, ridden out together yearly ever since, and, the number of our group went from just the five of us, “founders”, and, increased by the year.  We are not the least bit tired by the journeys, we’d, wanted, to experience just how much life, is in the land, with the rolling of our motorcycle wheels.我們這群不老騎士,大多出生於二戰後的嬰兒潮,久住台南。五年前的秋天,我們展開初次...from the papers…

The most recent time, was during the bottom of October last year.  There were, a total of TWENTY-EIGHT riders!  The group of us first got our motorcycles “shipped” to Yunlin, then, we’d rode across Caotun, Puli, into the horizontal intersected freeways, and started on this journey of eight days seven nights.

Riding along the freeways, that, was scheduled by our group specifically, other than the beauties of the scene, we’d felt, especially, close to this freeway.  Back then, the retired servicemen had, set up the roads, the passageways, and set up living estates along Chingjing, Fushou Mountain, Wuling Farms, along with the tribal towns along the way, you can see traces of their opening up the roads, opening up the frontiers.  Nobody would have imagined, that in the midst of the mountain, we’d, found our way, back home again.

After leaving the freeways, we’d headed towards Yilan, found a hotel in Jiaoxi, the next day, we’d entered the ramp onto Taiwan Route two from Touchen, and this, was the most scenic region of the northeast.  The Jia-Jiao Bay, the beaches, the waves, enriched the landscapes, we’d stopped, and looked at the beauties of what nature offered us in Beiguan, Sandiaojiao, Audi, and Nanya too, as all of us rode into Keelung, it was, already, dark, and, there’s, no better time, to enjoy the local foods now.

not my photograph….

Every time I’d taken part in “The Forever Young Riders”, I’d felt, like I’d, passed, another stop in life; as we’d said goodbye, we’d all, encouraged one another, that life begins, AT seventy, that we need to, work hard, to make our own elderly years worthwhile and fulfilling, and, we’d, made a date, to meet back up, at the next, rest stop.

A group of strangers, traveling together, with nothing but their faces against the wind, out on the open highway, what an amazing feeling that must be, and, by riding in groups, interacting with other riders who are beside you, you are, surely, to stay young at heart, that’s for certain.



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