I Was Cool from Before Once

These, were the years of our youths, until, reality came knocking, and, we got, dragged down, from our fantasies, translated…

Back in my high school years, a helmet wasn’t mandated when we rode our mo-peds, there’s no MRT, no cell phones or apps, the only way to get to and from school is by bus, putting the changes in the collection boxes.  When will the next bus be here?  Will it not make a stop when I want to get off?  Will I be able to squeeze onboard?  Every morning of school was, way too stressful.

yup, it’s, like that!  NOT my photograph…

So, I’d started, skipping breakfasts, saving up the money for my eighteenth birthday, a year later, without my parents’ knowledge, I bought a pre-owned motorcycle, the kind you ride, slouched over, changing the gears with your feet.  After I’d started riding, a female classmate told me, “I saw you pass us on the bus!”  And my commute to school started feeling fresh, no longer was I annoyed.

Unfortunately, the scratched up tires cost $3,000N.T.s, the oil change for the dual-tanks, $700 per time; the law enforces helmets for riding, and I can’t even, think about the cost for replacing the exhaust pipes.  My allowances couldn’t pay for my motorcycle, and I can’t live on an empty stomach, so, a year later, I’d, sold my motorcycle.

I’d alighted that crowded bus again, watching the motorists, with their heavy helmets.  I thought to myself “Who cares, it’s not like, I’d never done that, I was cool once too!”

So, this having the wind in your face, was too short-lived, but because after you’d considered the realities of your situation, you’d decided, it was best, if you started, commuting by bus again, but, this short period of riding to school surely, added some extra colors to your younger years, didn’t it???

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