The Songs of Springtime Burned Deeply into My Heart

Welcoming in the spring, a poem, translated…

The Winter Snow Before Melting Completely

Turned Around, Caught a Glimpse of Itself

Shocked, to Find that it Had, Already Merged, with the Scent of the Pan-Friend Buns


These Were, the Crystal Clear, Flowing Waves

Surely, Some were, with that Delicateness

That’s, Merged with Those Living Things of Nature, Deep Within

And, They’re All, of Varied Expressions


I’d Understood, that as I, Turned Around Again

The Street was Filled with People of All Ages & Statures

And, Collected on Their Bodies Were

The Flowers in Full-Bloom for the Spring Season

And, Those Delusional, Made-Up Words

They All

Ran Out

Of Excuses Now

So, you’d, made an assortment of excuses for yourselves, to put things off, but, you can’t, because, there’s that new life in the air, as the spring season comes, so, GET to it!!!


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