Let’s Meet Up Again in April, Bridled Tern

Saying goodbye, looking for that hello sometime in the futures here, translated…

You’d, Come Back

From the Distant Skies

I’d Noticed that Light Color on the Front of the Wings

Along with that White “V” that Marked the Brows

I’d Known that it’s You

四月相會,白眉燕鷗 圖/鄭鈴from the papers…

Making Your Way Back

The Sun is Finally Warm Here

On this Island of an Entire Winter Winds

I Stood Here, on Your Favorite Cliff

Waiting for You

here’s one, diving for fish…NOT my photograph…

Go, Go to the Seas

I Loved Flying with You

On that Never-Ending Ocean

Closer to the Surfaces

Seeing Fish After Fish

Leaping Out of the Sea

Making the Waves

白眉燕鷗 的圖片結果look how high it’s flying, NOT my photograph here still…

Those Irregular Patterns

Until September

This, would be the migratory path of a certain species, you know when they’re going to show up each and every year, because they’re animals of habits, and so, you too, got into the habits, of waiting for the birds…



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