A Man, with Only $2,000N.T. Left, Worked Hard in His Studies, Managed, to Turn His Own Life Around

How this man was successful, through his own hard-working mannerisms, from the Newspapers, translated…

The founder of Guo-Chang Bio-Tech, Wang, studied to be an auto mechanic, but he was able to use his own brand of moisturizers, to make a name for himself, in the process of his reaching his success, there were many ups and downs of life.

Originated from Kaohsiung, after high school, Wang worked as an employee in the food industry, later on, he’d invested in the cafés, and owned and operated the printing mills and in the advertising industries too, but, he’d had difficulties, getting the funds transferred, and this left him with a $24 million N.T.’s worth of debts. When his son was in the sixth grade, he’d followed his father into hiding, because the collectors were after them, and, he’d transferred in and out of five different elementary schools, then finally, graduated; in order to stop affecting his own young, Wang went up north, to find a brand new start for himself.

Wang moved his family to Banciao, when his business was just starting, he’d relied on his wife’s beautician paycheck to keep the whole house, then, he’d gone from the beauty industries, went into manufacturing of the raw materials. Wang borrowed $2,000N.T. from his own wife, bought six books on cosmetics, studied them, and went to the shops, bought the small bottles, to make his own mixtures, and entered into the field of making the beauty products. It’d taken him a total of ten years, to finally become, stable in his business, and now, his company, other than being the original equipment manufacturer, productions, he could, develop new products too now.

He’d told, from before, he’d never visited his clients, never hired a salesperson, that it was always, the factories that’s, come to him on their own. The products he’d manufactured had gained reputation all over Taiwan, U.S., Canada, Southeast Asia, and countries such as China too, and, his brand was sold in the shops in the duty-free shops, the airports, five-star hotels, and in the beauty clinics too.

So, this man, went into unchartered water, started in something he had absolutely, NO trainings in, and yet, he still became, a huge success, because he was willing, to learn all he possibly can, about the industries, and that still just shows, how if you want something, and set your goals to reach that dream of yours, and you’d, persisted in your pursuits, you will, eventually, become, a HUGE success.


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