Letters to the D-E-A-D

I guess, you can, call it, a sort of, hyper-scribble, if you will???

Don’t know why, but, I’d been, writing letters to the D-E-A-D, since a long, long, long time ago, I guess, it’s my way, of keeping them in my memories, a way, of honoring them, maybe…

exactly like THAT!!!  Not my photo…a pile of letters, being burned 的圖片結果

Letters to the D-E-A-D, I really have NO idea, what these, ink-stained pages meant to me anymore. The words, they flowed freely from my fingertips, sure, but, as I looked back, and read through them, half of what I’d written, don’t make sense. I mean, there was, nothing wrong with grammar, usage, mechanics and all of that, but, I’m having, troubles, understanding, what, ALL these written pages of letters, to the DEAD are for!

Letters to the D-E-A-D, well, you’re, already DEAD, my love, and, it’d become, real easy, for me, to just, shout out these words of angers toward these four-walls that are now, keeping me locked in. Letters to the D-E-A-D, and no, although, I’m, completely, DONE, DEALING with the dead, but, I don’t think, that they’re, quite finished with me yet, and so, I will, keep on, scribing, writing my letters to the D-E-A-D, as everything and EVERYONE I loved, is now, D-E-A-D…………

and, everything comes out, as a pile of A-S-H-E-S…NOT my photograph…








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