The Shadows

The adventures abroad, translated…

The Old Town in Warsaw, Poland, isn’t really that old at all, but it was, listed, as a World Cultural Site, it’s well-known from near and far. It was because during World War II, the Old Town was bombed by the Germans, and this town with around over four hundred houses, built back in the 13th Century, was all demolished, saved for just two houses.  The locals, in order to keep track of history, they’d insisted on rebuilding the houses based off of the floor plans, drawn up in the 18th Century, to make it live on, and, the local’s spirits had, moved the United Nations.  I was so excited to pay the place a visit myself. As I ventured into the house, the ancient style architecture, along with the spots on the walls, showing its age, made me feel like, I’d, ventured, into, another period of history in time. I’d walked through the streets, kept taking shots of the housing complexes.  A horse carriage sped by my side, I’d pushed the camera shutters, a pigeon that flew downward got into the photo too.  But, there was, that sense of the past, and the present of that pigeon on my shot!  Isn’t this, a great way, of capturing, this, ancient town? If walking through history, there’s, only pain, what if, you’d, walked backwards in history, what then, will you, find? In a blink of an eye, the horse carriage sped forward. And I, quickly, followed behind it.

what the place looked like, photo from online…

So, by trekking through this town so rich in history, you felt, that you’d become, a part of the history of the town, and that, is what usually happens, a connection, to the places you’d visited, and, each and every time you reviewed the photos you’d taken of a place, you’d feel, not quite the same from before, because, you’re, NO longer the same person who’d shot the photo, from way, way, WAY back when…

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