Angels with the Painted-on Wings

angels  with the painted-on wings 的圖片結果yup, it’s like that!!!  Not my photograph…

Everybody, pick up that rock nearest to you, and THROW them at these FAKES and phonies!!!

Angels with the painted-on wings, they’re, imposters, trying, to fool us, into believing, that they are actually, MORE than what they say they are. Angels, with the painted on wings, they’re all, trying, to pretend that they’re, something they’re NOWHERE being, and in the very end, these, angels, with the painted-on wings, are, EXACTLY who they “pose” as, IMPOSTERS, and we already know, how much, we HATE those already, don’t we???

Angels with the painted on wings, those wings, they’re not real, no way, after all, all angels are born, with their wings intact, attached, to their backs, but NOT these wanna-bes, oh no!

or, like these???  Not my art!

Angels with the painted on wings, what are they doing, they think, we’re, STUPID enough, to be, fooled by them? Well, we’re N-O-T, we’re, a HELL of a lot smarter, than they all give us credit for………

These angels, with their wings painted on, they will never, ascend to heaven, because, their wings, unlike those of the real kind of angels, aren’t grown in, they’re, artificial, and, NOTHING artificial shall enter through these, pearly gates!








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