The Transparent Actor, Q

Lessons we learn, from performing onstage, how theatre relates to life, translated…

Every time the curtains fall, Q would always cry, no matter how small the roles he’d played in the productions. He’d loved hollering, “Who was it that said, ‘There are NO small parts, only unknown performers!’?” I’d recalled hollering back, “it’s Stanislavsky!” time and time again, but the next time, he’d, still, asked that same question again.

Q also started acting later on in life, he’s not tall, somewhat older, he’d looked honest, there was, not really anything that’s made him, stand out, he’d kept taking those smaller-scale acting gigs that comes and goes, but gladly, he can sing, and can work the gigs such as the weddings and what-not, barely, making his own ends meet. We’d met, because he’d received the notes from a director of his performances, the director commented, that he’d performed, too “transparently”.

not my photo…

“What does that mean, too ‘transparent’? You’re a writer and you act, help me decode it.”

“Based off of what I know about that director, he’d loved, the performers who are, more forceful.”

“Just do everything overboard and exaggerated?”

“Not really, it’s probably, you hadn’t gotten into character completely, you’d needed more rehearsing time.”

Later on, I’d known, that the director’s comment on him being too “transparent”, had impacted him quite deeply. And, in order to become more “opaque”, he’d taken up an assortment of talents, Thai-style kickboxing, piano, swimming, juggling, as well as magic too, he said, that he didn’t make that much, and now, all he earned, goes into paying the tuitions for these skills. And, he’d added another notable phrase too, “Only those with a lighter-colored skin, who wanted to try everything become experts.”, I’d asked who said this, he’d replied, was it, Stanislavsky?” (He’d remembered that name, I was, so moved!)

For the actors and actresses, the key characteristic they should have is persistence, then, work hard, to understand, what exactly, one is searching for, then, know, if that, is really, what one wants to achieve. Q said, that he’d not, cared about how big or small a part he’d played, not because the lack of choices presented to him, but he’d understood, that every time he’d gone on stage, he could, take that “bow” at the end. At that moment, all he sought out came into form.

“Isn’t that what all actors and actresses sought out after? That sense of free on stage, being lucid, and, taken in at the same time, living in the satisfaction of letting go, and letting loose. The duality of the self, the character, and me, together, existing at the same time, and it’s, something I have, total and complete control over. The happier I am, the louder the applauses from the audience become.”

“I’d like the moment when the curtains fall too, but my reason is more simplistic. The finish of a production, how many segments are involved, there can’t be one minute detail out of place. At the moment of the curtain fall, that, was the witness of what we’d accomplished.”

“Are you not a writer, and yet, so tacky? Haha!”

the stage performer, in their roles, photo from online…

“Being a bit tacky when the applauses are coming to you is acceptable!”

“So, there are, NO small roles, only small performers. The moment the curtains fall, everybody is a big star!”

That day, it’d dawned on me that there’s an alternative way to interpret “transparent actors and actresses”, when he’d gained a better understanding of how to build up himself, he will be able to be, who he’s meant to be. Don’t know if that, was what that director was hinting for him to do.

So, that, is how performing onstage relates to life, because the characters you portrayed may have a connection to who you are in reality, and, by taking up the roles, you’d gained a better understanding about how the characters would, handle the issues they face, and, you might be able to draw from that, and apply what you’d learned on the set to your own personal lives too.


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