When the “Happily Ever After’s” are No Longer the Most Widely Sought-After “Goal” of the Princesses…

Yup, a group of us, “reformed” princesses (call us QUEENS now!!!), decided, that we no longer, need that PSYCHOTIC (b/c it was!!!) Happily Ever After, NO more (and your point being???).

When the “happily ever after’s” are no longer the most widely sought after “goal” of the princesses, all those god DAMN Charmings, will be, OUT of a J-O-B!

Happily ever after, what’s that, riding into the sunset, to marry that Charming of our dreams, so we don’t have to, live like Cinderella (the MAID???), and we’d be, away from the persecutions of our EVIL stepmothers (Snow White, etc., etc., etc.)? But, is that enough? Of course N-O-T.

As, there are, MORE important things in life, than, having it easy, and, unless you KNOW what suffering is, and having weathered through the trials of YOUR lives fully and completely, you will NEVER fully, appreciate what it is that you’d EARNED.

So yeah, just let Sleeping Beauty continue in her dreams, Snow living outside of her EVIL stepmother’s radars, so, the Evil Queen is still, the “most beautiful” of them all in HER specific realm. Cinderella had, lost those glass slippers, as they’re not, good for walking, instead, she now, runs around, with sneakers (more practical, to get her chores completed???)………

And, all these, former Princesses became Queens of their SEPARATE realms. Each with, something special to contribute to the world they’re currently residing in, and yes, all of these “princesses” are still alive and well!







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