An Elderly Woman Sold the Vegetables, to Support Her Family of Six, the Father Who Had a Stroke Carried the Burdens of the Household Economics, for the Sake of His Young

The inspirational tales of how strong this mother is! From the Newspapers, translated…

The Taiwan Fund for Children & Families commended good mothers yesterday, out of over 27,000 families that are below the poverty lines, they’d selected twenty-four women who are the amazing supports of their separate households.

Of them, the seventy-something Grandma Hsiu-Ying sold the vegetables from a cart, raising her four grandchildren, and she’d needed to take care of her husband who’s had a stroke too; and there was a man who’d had a stroke, and, he’d needed looking after, and yet, he’d supported his entire household.

秀英阿嬤(右)靠1輛三輪車養大4個孫子。 圖/家扶提供this, was all that she had, to raise up her four grandchildren!  Photo from…

The Fund for Children & Families pointed out, that this year, the strong mothers who received the accommodations, there were fourteen who were single mothers, and, of these, two were fathers who acted as mothers to their young, there were two more aunts, and three more grandmothers who’d won; there were five families with children who are developmentally delayed, and seven families with members seriously ill, in need of care, and there were, six mothers who were diagnosed with illnesses too.

Grandma Hsiu-Ying’s son, because of his failed marriage, he’d become, an alcoholic, he’d passed away, a decade ago, with four grandchildren left to her and her husband. But, Grandma Hsiu-Ying’s husband had a stroke five years ago, and she’d used that three-wheeled cart, and sold the produces to support the family of six, and she’d needed to take care of her immobilized husband. Although life was very hard, she saw how her grandchildren are growing up by the day, she said, that this, was what kept her going.

And this, is just one of many tales of how people refused to get defeated by their lives’ circumstances, and, they fought hard, and, they’d made something of themselves, and, life is not at all easy, but, if you are able to find that strength in yourselves, you will, get through the hard times…


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