Another Neon Night…

There’s, that blinking on and off, of the street signs outside your windows again, and lately, they’d become, a light hazard, messing up your sleep patterns.

It’s just, another neon night, in this town of sleeplessness, I suppose, I’m already, too tired to keep my eyes open, as my eyelids became, droopier, and heavier, and heavier, and sleeps about to, take over me, and yet, that light that’s, blinking on and off outside, it’d driven, my sleep away!

looks enticing, doesn’t it???  Not my photo…

Another neon night, with the lights outside, making it bright as day, without you by my side.  Another neon night, it’d become, such, a nuisance now, the lights just, twinkled on and off, reminding meof, how you’re, no longer here, with me……………

Another neon night, another lie, because that, is what all those lights flashing so bright are all about: they’re, NOT real, only façades, that lures, and draws you in, and, when you’re in too deep, you won’t get back out, you’re already, taken under!





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