Happy at Work

Finding ways, to make the work routine less boring, it’s all, in your attitude! Translated…

It’s five in the evening, I’d rode home with the setting sun. I was, waiting at a red light, and saw the security guard smiling at the office close by, and, conducted the cars going in and out of the building like he was, dancing.

His arms waved up and down, his toes tapped the pavement lightly, bobbed his head up and down rhythmically, it’d made me smile. And, the rest of the passersby must be thinking: he must, really love his job.

Happy Workers 的圖片結果job satisfaction is what makes a person stays at her/his job longer…NOT my photo…

Every day, I would pass by this community on my way to work, compared to the straight face that the morning shift security guard wears, this security guard seemed to be enjoying his work even more, or maybe, he’s good at, adding a little excitement to his boring routines. With his smiles, offering his services to the residents, and managed to, infect others with his sense of joy too.

My friend once asked me, isn’t it bored, to work in the offices of a school? I’d smiled and told that it wasn’t, so long as I’m an interesting person, no matter what I do, I will find fun in it. And, no matter how interesting the work, as you’d done it longer, it would become, boring and matter-of-fact, and, how to enjoy oneself working, is all in your attitude.

The office work at school is really formatted, but, my conversational side made me excited, when I’m around others, and, other than doing my office work, I’d enjoyed carry on in conversations with the students, as well as the instructors too. Some of the instructors would share with me, their secrets of memorizing ALL the characters in the dictionaries, that when he’d gone abroad to study, he’d even competed in the Spelling Bees with the American students, and managed, to defeat them one by one; there was a student who’d shared with me her flirtations with a boy that she’d kept a secret from everybody she knew, or the gossips of the departments. And, all of these to me, was like reading up on the short stories, adding that extra “zing” to my work.

ifonly, work can be like this every single day, WHO would quit???  Not my photo…

While I was still in school, I’d carried so many hopes and dreams about work, and, I’d set up the goal, of working in someplace interesting, that I would’ve, NEVER considered an office job; but, I’d worked in the cram schools, media, and in the tech industries, I’d found, that as I’d started each of my jobs, I’d felt thrilled because it’s all new, and after awhile, burnout sets in, after I’d gotten used to working, and that because of the goals of work, I’d become, pressured, because there’s that standard operating procedure that I must follow down to the “t” that it’d become, boring, that only with a heart, happy at work, I won’t have the workday blues.

So, this, is something that someone notices about herself, that she gets bored easily, and, there was that freshness that comes with each and every new job she’d had, and, after the honeymoon phase, she’d felt bored again, and, it wasn’t until she’d realized this, did she finally, find a way, to change her own perceptions, and watching the man directing the traffic flow of the community, seeing how someone can enjoy himself that much, doing such a boring job every single day, was a wakeup call she’d needed!

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