The Lessons I Took, for Five Years

The kindness of the instructor, offering MORE than the lessons of academia, but more importantly, how to treat others kindly, translated…

I grew up poor, so, although I’d done awfully in English, my parents couldn’t afford to send me to cram school; until the sixth grade, a teacher who’s a part of our church wanted to teach a class at his home, and, after a group of us divided up the total cost, it’d become, affordable for us all, and so, I’d, gone to the lessons.

The teacher was very passionate, and taught very well too, all the students in the lessons loved him, it’s just, that he’d often kept us until very late, and several of the students could no longer stand it, and finally, stopped coming to class. The students came and went, and, there were only, three of us remaining.

I’d never given up, and worked very hard, but, for some unknown reasons, my grades never improved, and I’d felt defeated. Even so, my instructor didn’t blame me one bit, instead, he’d tutored me privately even more, and it’d, motivated me to perform better.

I’d always thought, that the tutor charged us all equally, because we’re all from the church, so, he’d given us the discounts. But, a short while ago, I’d learned, that I’m the only one with the discounted tuition, that the rest of the classmates all paid the regular fees, and as we’d entered into high school, the prices got higher for them—he’d worried, that if my family couldn’t afford the tuitions, I won’t be able to continue in the extra sessions, and so, he’d maintained, charging me that price at the very start.

He’d often told us, that no matter how well the student does in class, or if s/he behaved well or badly, or if s/he is cute or not, so long as s/he showed the “desire to learn”, then, the student becomes, his best student, and he would, NEVER give up on a student like this. Hearing him say this, my eyes filled up with tears.

For five years, I’d worked hard, learning, but, what had I learned for real, was that for all children, the love from the instructor can give us insurmountable strengths to carry us farther in life.

So, this, is the instructor, seeing the needs of her students, and, she’d provided for this child, the lessons outside of the academics, the student, I’m certain, had picked up more important things than the academic, and that, is what a good teacher does, s/he would inspire the students to be better, and treats them with the kindness that s/he (the teacher) has to offer.




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