Cattepillars Become Butterflies

Well, it’d taken you, L-O-N-G enough! You’d taken a total of THIRTY years to metamorphose into “being”, and yet, you’re, NOT quite there yet!

On some days, when I look at you, I’d wondered to myself: WHAT’s it gonna take, for you, to finally grow UP, a few more SUCKLES on my T-I-T-S? (Uh yeah right, I do NOT “breastfeed” here!!!) Caterpillars will, turn into butterflies, IF (and it’s, a HUGE “if” too!!!), they don’t get attacked by predators (birds, etc., etc., etc.???) in their “state” of “dormancy” (call it, “hibernation”, like the bears??? if you will!), and, after they break out of their cocoons, they are, at their most vulnerable states (or so, the T.V. program on Animal Planet stated!), and, even AFTER they “grow up pretty”, shed that ugly external “covers” of the caterpillar, they’d still need to, watch out for those webs those spiders made!

So, for a caterpillar, to grow up, to turn into, a butterfly, the physical changes are not the only sorts of changes that it undergoes! There’s, need for the preparation for DEATH, at any time, because, how can a nectar-sucking INSECT be a PREY? Unless you’re talking about those butterflies that ate the poisonous leaves as caterpillars, then, you had best, STAY the HELL away from those, because, you will, get that stale taste (nasty! YUCK!) in your mouths if you bite down on them!

a “diagram” out of a science book, maybe???

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