From Beginning to End

The cat, who’d inspired this human, to become an advocate for pet adoption, and it’s, in her (the cat’s) honor, that this article got written down, translated…

My dearest twenty-year-old Grandma Kitty, how are you?

You are, the second cat I had, and the only adopted one. Nineteen years ago, underneath the red-brick pass, there was a brown kitten with tiger stripes that’s caught my eye, she’s it! It’s as, we’re, destined to find one another. I’d still remembered, how soundly asleep you were, inside that cardboard box, also remembered, how the very first time I’d held you, you’d, wrapped your arms around my neck, until today, you’d still, lean into me like this.

just wandering the streets from before…NOT my photo…

I’d always called you a member of the “PR Unit”, it’s the best compliment for your genteel nature. Because whether it be people, or other cats, you’re always, very friendly, I’d never seen you feisty, and other new cats would, follow your example, they’d passionately greeted those they don’t know. It’s also because of you, there are more kitties, like you I’d wanted to help out, and thus, I’d started, paying more attention and getting involved in “stray animals” and the subject of “adoption” too, and gotten involved with a group of animal protection activists, and set up a halfway house for cats.

You’re like a switch, turned on my most genteel side. Originally, I could’ve used my own abilities, to help the strays, to help them find a permanent home. We’d worked hard, to push forth the ideal of pet adoption online, set up a website, with the maps of strays in Taiwan for adoption, and, linked together, each and every one of us, hardworking singular “ants” together, by the internet. So each of us, with different abilities, can become a swarm of bees, make a huge difference. My last hope, my final ideal, is with everybody’s help, to give a home to all of the stray animals, the old, the young, the handicapped, the ailing and the ill too.

Now, in a good home…NOT my photo still…

Had I not met you, I’m only, a regular office worker who lived in a daze; if I’d not fallen in love with you, I may never think about helping more cats my whole life; if you’d not stayed by my side for all times, I couldn’t be able to help, the cats who come to me, to help them find fitting homes; if you’d not shown up when you had in my life, I wouldn’t, be me right now.

The moment I’d, signed the adoption papers, I’d started carrying my responsibilities toward you for life, to protect, and to take care of you. You had also, become that light for me, guiding me on, on this path, to help more cats find good homes. And now, that young kitten became, grandma Kitty, and you’re sleeping, longer and longer, and no longer, as agile as you used to be. But, I will do my best, to stay by your side, until the end of life, just like that promise I’d made to you since day one, from beginning, to end.

This, is the commitment toward a cat, because this cat was abandoned, and, naturally, she’d needed more love, more care and concern, and thankfully, this cat found a good owner, and this owner was, inspired by her cat, to become an advocate in pet adoptions.


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