More than One Truths…

Unlike the undeniable truths of sun rises in the east, sets in the west, along with other, scientifically proven FACTS, there are, usually, more than one truths.

More than one truths, because there are, so many, perspectives to consider, and until we can, read through, and see EVERY single side, we won’t be able to, make a sound decision on the matter! More than one truths, that just, confuses things, I mean, why can’t the world just be black OR white, without the GRAY areas, huh???

More than one truths, there will, always BE, and, what you deemed to be truth (i.e. what happened to you when you were growing up), others may deny it, and, when they denied the truths about you, there’s, NOTHING you can do, because EVERYBODY is entitled to her/his own opinion, and we should all, RESPECT that!

More than one truths, unless, it’s, a SCIENTIFICALLY, empirically TESTED F-A-C-T, you will be, bombarded with things every single day, which demands that you JUDGE them, and, you only have, the past experiences, to guide you………


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