Preparing a Coffin for His Wife

The depth of this elderly man’s love toward his own wife, he’d, prepared the things she’d needed for when she passes on, out of care and concern, and kindness toward her, translated…

Great aunty is my youngest aunt’s mother-in-law, she has two granddaughters and a grandson, we were in the same class back in the elementary years. I’d heard that, there was, a coffin on the beams of their pig pen at home, that it was prepared for grandma, by grandpa.

As I’d gone to visit my aunt, I’d never realized that it was there, and so, as I’d heard it the first time, I felt that it was, incredible. Great aunty is still very alive, healthy and well, why would he prepare such a thing for her, and, it’d been left on the beams for ten, to twenty years on end?

mabye NOT as fancy as this…NOT my photograph…

My classmate told me, that his grandpa was a farmer, that in the winter season, when there was no field work, he’d enjoyed some carpentry. One day, he’d found the materials, and used the better-quality woods to make himself and his wife a coffin each. He’d died first, and the great aunt died, almost twenty years after he was gone, the aunt’s older and younger brothers had, kept the item for their mother, until she’d died, and it was, used.

As I grew older, this story made me feel, that there was, a TON of love from grandpa to great aunty, so extraordinary.

This, is the depth of this man’s love for his wife, he had, prepared a coffin for her, way before her time, and, it’s this sort of kindness that this man had for his own wife, that’s made the offspring’s coping with the losses easier, because, other than feeling sad, the offspring wouldn’t need to worry about the nitty-gritty of the burial, where to get the coffin, they only need to, focus on mourning for the loss of their loved ones.

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