I hadn’t realized, just how old you’d, gotten, until recently…

You’d gotten, so wrinkly (like how after a bath, our skins would, wrinkle up, save, that those weren’t permanent, but yours are!), like an old prune now. You no longer, walked as fast as you’re able to, perhaps, the years had, finally, caught up to you, and are starting to, weigh you down now???

Aged, that, is how everything and everyone gets, and, everybody wishes s/he could, age gracefully, stay young in the mind and heart, but sometimes, that, is beyond our control! Aged, that, is how everything became, even the trees, the trunks became, hollowed out, compared to when we visited this spot a couple of years back!

 age progression photo found online…

Aged, there’s, nothing we can do about it, we can only watch our days, flow away like the water in that stream, and, we’d longed, to take that dip, into the Fountains of Youth, but, that city is still, L-O-S-T…

Aged, there’s nothing to say of it, save, that at least, we’d grown wise through the years (had we, really???), and now, we see all our previous mistakes, unfolding, before our eyes, and what, do we feel about them? Regrets, or, alleviated, ‘cuz that part of our lives are, O-V-E-R???


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