The Couple Waited for FIFTY-SEVEN Years for a Picture of Them Together, Fulfilled that Regret from Long Ago

The depth of their love to one another, from the Newspapers, translated…

“Honey, how are you today?”, the seventy-seven year-old Grandma Yuan would visit her ninety-year-old husband, Li-Chang Yuan at the Genesis Nursing Home in Hsintien, but, they’d been married for fifty-seven years on end, yet, they never had a photograph taken of them together, it’d become, a deep regret that they have. After Genesis Foundation learned of this, they’d found the artist, Zhong-Tai Huang, to paint a portrait of the two of them, Grandma Yuan was very moved, told her husband, “Look, honey, this, is a painted portrait of us together!”

When Mr. Yuan was younger, he’d served in the military, and never had a portrait taken with his own wife. Twelve years ago, he’d become demented, and forgotten everybody around him, later on, he’d had a stroke and became a vegetable, and, Grandma Yuan could no longer care for him, and placed her husband with the Genesis Nursing Home units.

袁立章爺爺與袁奶奶2人結婚57年,第一次有張夫妻畫像。 圖/創世新店分院提供photo courtesy of…

Grandpa and Grandma Yuan had been married for fifty-seven years to date, Grandma Yuan told the volunteer at Genesis, that they were working really hard, because they lived in poverty, and recalling it, she’d realized, that they were never in a portrait together.

And, the Genesis Foundation’s Hsintien Chapter especially found the artist who specializes in portraits using watercolor, Zhong-Tai Huang, to capture the picture of Grandma Yuan, visiting Grandpa, with her, sitting right next to him.

As Grandma Yuan saw the painted portrait, she was moved to speechless. She put on her reading glasses, said to her husband, “Look honey, this, is a painted portrait of us together!”, and, Grandpa Yuan was quiet by her side, looked like he was, listening to her words, the depth of the love they shared moved everyone who was there.

The love this woman has for her husband is amazing, and now, she won’t have any regrets, thanks to the services provided by the Genesis Foundation, and, this may be the very last portrait they shared together, and now, the elderly woman can always have that!

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