Lashing Out, Then In…

The first part of this is, EXHILIARATING, I tell ya!!! While the second, quite uncomfortable…

Lashing out, then in, this, is a process, of experiencing anger, because as something awful happens to us, the first thing that comes into our minds are: I need to blame someone, to lessen the strains on myself, so I don’t feel that heavy a burden on me!

taking it out on someone else…NOT my photo…

And so, we lash out, at someone, who may, or may not be remotely, related to our bouts of anger, and, maybe, the individual was just in our “neighborhood”, and we’d, thrown that huge ATOMIC BOMB on her/him…

Lashing out, then in, that, is how we’re, “trained” to cope with our negative emotions. We’d looked outward first, to see, WHAT the HELL was it, that’s, caused us to get so furious? Is it how we’d been, mistreated by someone? How we’d come home, after a long-hard day’s work, and no one in our families gives the REMOTEST kind of shit? Do we feel, neglected?

what, do you see now???  Not my photointrospection 的圖片結果

Then, as the day quieted down, there’s, NOT that much noises, competing for our attention anymore. That, is when we can, finally, sit quietly, and listen, to what’s happened thus far in our days, and, our interpretations may be a whole lot different from before…


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