Reflected in Your Lies…

Reflected in your lies, are the best me I’d ever known, I’d given you my best, and yet, I’d still, come up, emptyhanded…

Reflected in your lies, I still can’t admit it to myself (call it denial if you will!), that we were, wrong to begin with, that we were never, meant to be, and yet, my heart, it’d, driven me toward you, with my head constantly in objection. In the end, I’d gotten, hurt, bad, and now, that painful memory of everything that you’d brought out in me is, reflected, in your lies.

ghost of reflection 的圖片結果not my picture…

Reflected in your lies, are the miniature specks of should-be truths, and, I still can’t understand, HOW a love like ours (it was, good, once, upon a time…), can go totally wrong! Reflected in your lies, I can’t handle it anymore. It’s just, too difficult, to etch that fact of you are NOT love, into my god DAMN freakin’ mind!

Reflected in your lies, well, that’s just it, there’s, NOTHING I have left, to reflect, in your lies, and, yeah, I admit, it was, extremely, excruciatingly, painful, but hey, I’d still, made it, to the other side (I call it heaven in HELL!!!), without you.

not my drawing…

Reflected in your lies, was this, falsified version of a future deranged, and now, I’d gotten, MY reality check, your lies have, NO effect on me, I’d, completely, detoxed from the adverse effects of, believing in those lies you’d fed to me now…



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