The Bondages of Humanity

Understandings that came, from walking into the past, translated…

The English heritage of Hailes Abbey is located in Winchcome in Central England, the monastery was built circa 1245, the tall and erected monastery from back then, withstood the baptisms of time and weather, and now, all that’s left, are partial of the broken down walls. The following was the schedules of the monks who lived there

Sleep: five hours

Eat: two hours.

Work: three hours.

Prayers: eleven hours.

Reading: three hours.

If the lives of all mankind is like this, wouldn’t this world be more peaceful then?

The photo showed the multiple keys that archaeologists had dug up from the ruins, of the items dug up, there were, many keys. The importance of keys had been proven through time, and, it’d seemed, that humanity, hadn’t made any progresses yet, but the locks and the keys are more and more modernized, and they’d become sturdier and sturdier still. Could it be, that we’re all, walking backwards in humanity now?

Hailes Abbey古蹟位於英格蘭中部的Winchcome,該修道院創建於西...photograph from the papers…

So, this, is from the sights seen on one’s trips, and, it’d posed a vital question, back then, the monks in the monastery had such ordered lives, there’s a time slot for every activity in their days, and, without ANY forms of entertainments, extracurriculars, and yet, they’d lived on, very fulfilled, and, look at us now, this modern day world has EVERYTHING we can possibly want, an assortments of entertainments (movies, music, etc., etc., etc.), and yet, we don’t seem to feel easily satisfied, compared to those 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th Century monks who lived with very little possessions, why is that???

a photo of Hailes Abbey, from online…


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