The Ideologies of Carnival Mirrors, a Poem


After I’d Squeezed Outside, I’d Forgotten

How, to Become Shorter than I Am

Even the Stars, Became So Short Like the Golf Balls

What Else, Can’t We, Compress

Everything IS distorted!  Not my photo…

Even Time Gets Refracted

So, Who Am I, to Complain

That the Burdens of My Life is, Way Too Heavy

If I Can’t Reduce it, Then at Least

Becoming Fat Would be Easier——

Toward the Endlessness, Hearing the Wind

Beating on the Drums at the Dented Places

reflections in a carnival mirror 的圖片結果which of these reflections show the REAL you???  Photo from online…

Actually, This, isn’t So Difficult to Understand

I’d Just Needed to, Stand in Front of the Grand Schemes of Things

And, Squeezed Everything Out from My Self

And, All Those Twisted, Frowning Faces

Turned into Smiles & Grins

So, this, is how hard it is, to understand the world, because NOTHING IS as you perceive it, because life is NOT so simple, everything gets complicated by our putting our own interpretations into things, instead of just, examining the F-A-C-T-S that are presented in front of us!



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